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Triboelectric Scrubber
EffectsReduces dust accumulation
CostMetal.png Metals 15
Electronics.png Electronics 5
MaintenanceElectronics.png Electronics 1
Power consumption1.8

Triboelectric Scrubber is a Infrastructure building in Surviving Mars.


Emits periodic pulses which reduce the accumulated dust amount (maintenance progress bar) on every other nearby out-dome building. The radius of the pulse effect is adjustable up to 8 hexes. Power consumption is scaled to the selected radius of the pulse.


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Triboelectric Scrubbers repair other nearby Triboelectric Scrubbers, which results in no net maintenance cost if you construct more than one in the same area.

They do not repair in-dome buildings.

A building completely within an active Scrubber's area of effect will need no maintenance. This includes expensive buildings such as Fusion Reactor.

With Metal Extractors[]

Every metal and rare metal deposit can be surrounded by 7 and 9 extractors respectively, to maximize the rate of production. However, when using that many extractors in same dust radius, each extractor increases the dust accumulation of every other one. At maximum density, each extractor may require maintenance every Sol. This heavy maintenance burden can be completely eliminated by placing multiple Triboelectric Scrubbers with service radii overlapping each other. It is advisable to construct and activate the scrubbers first, and then turn on the extractors to avoid the buildings all needing maintenance before the scrubbers begin working.