One of six lines of Research available through the game Social research is mostly of use in Sanity, Comfort, and Colonist efficiency.

Research is largely randomized as far as position in the track is concerned although the first five positions are consistently the same in a randomized order and the final Wonder is always last.

First FiveEdit

Systematic Training - Scientists and Botanists have +10 performance when working in their speciality. ("Hell yeah I'm a botanist! Fear my botany powers!" Andy Weir - The Martian)

"Live From Mars" - More applicants will start to appear on Earth. (PR research aimed at exposing the benefits and positive aspects of life as a Colonist on Mars.)

Productivity Training - Engineers and Geologists have +10 performance when working in their speciality. ("Geologists have a saying - rocks remember." Neil Armstrong)

Mars Crowdfunding - Receive a one-time grant of $1,000 M funding. (With the rising media hype about our mission, it is only a matter of social maneuvering to make the first interplanetary crowdfunding campaign a reality.)

Earth-Mars Initiative - increases research provided by sponsor by 100R ("Two planets, one human race - sharing knowledge and coexisting with the Solar System." Martian Scientist)

Subsequent TechnologiesEdit

Martian Education - New Building: Martian University (30C 10M 20E) - Trains Scientists, Geologists, Botanists, Medic, Engineers or Security specialists. (College education is always free on Mars.)

Emergency Training - Security Officers and Medics have +10 performance when working in their speciality. (One can never be too prepared for the vast array of emergencies that could arise at any given moment on Mars.)

General Training - Colonists without the proper speciallization suffer a lower work penalty.

Supportive Community - Lowers the risk of colonists developing flaws after Sanity breakdown. ("Beauty is not who you are on the outside, it is the wisdom and time you gave away to save another struggling soul like you." Shannon L. Alder)

Martian Patents - License Martian technology for use back on Earth.
Earn $500 M funding. _ The tech is repeatable and can be researched multiple times. ("Economic exchange between Mars and Earth would be mostly in the form of intellectual property." Elon Musk)

Martian Institute of Science - New Building: Science Institute (30C 10P 20E 8H) - Generates Research faster than a Research Lab. (With Martianborn science we will truly shift from being an experiment to being an equal to Earth, contributing to the scientific advancement of all of humanity.)

Martianborn Resilience - Martianborn don't take Sanity damage when working in out-Dome buildings. (We are bon on the Red Planet. We do not fear stepping outside the safety of the Dome. We embrace it.)

Behavioral Shaping - New Spire Building: Sanatorium (50C 20M 10P) - treats colonists to remove flaws. ("There are no constraints on the human mind, no walls around the human spirit, no barriers to our progress except those we ourselves erect." Ronald Reagan)

Martian Copyrights - License Martian copyrights for use back on Earth. Earn $2,000 M funding.
This tech is repeatable and can be researched multiple times. ("The conditions of extreme labor shortage combined with a technological culture will tend to drive Martian ingenuity to produce wave after wave of invention. Robert Zubrin)

Home Collective - Residential Building Upgrade (Home Collective) - Increases the Service Comfort of the building by 10. (A friendly and supportive community is the key to making life eaiser in the harsh reality of the Red Planet.)

Martian Festivals - Decorations have increased Service Comfort. (Reinforcing the notion of a separrate and unique Martian culture makes our Colonists more positive and helps them find comfort in the uncertain world which is life on Mars.)

Martianborn Strength - Martianborn don't take Sanity damage from disasters. (Martianborn grew up in the reality of the everyday dangers of the Red Planet. It bestows upon them an inner strength that is truly a unique Martian quality.)

Behavioral Melding - Sanatorium Upgrade: (Behavioral Melding) - replaces removed flaws, with random Perks. (A more benevolent and productive iteration of 18th century methods.)

Final WonderEdit

Dream Reality - Wonder: Project Morpheus (200C 400M 300E) - Stimulates the development of new Perks in adult Colonists throughout the entire Colony. ("You take the red pill - you stay in Wonderland and I show you how deep the rabbit hole goes.")