Science Institute

New technologies with unlock new buildings, upgrades, colonist perks, and other benefits for the colony. Note that players do not need any buildings in order to perform research, though some do help with the process.

Standard technologies are divided into five fields with different themes. Researching any technology will make a technology within its field available for research. Some technologies have fixed positions in their fields, while others are random.

Breakthroughs are extraordinary technologies with powerful effects that are discovered by only special means. One way to unlock a breakthrough is to discover an anomaly on the surface of Mars. Different technologies may appear in each playthrough.

Points Edit

Individual technologies are researched by generating research points equal to their cost.

  • The mission sponsor may provide a fixed amount of research points per Sol, but research buildings will be needed to discover the later, more advanced technologies in a timely manner.
  • Outsourcing research is another option granting a fixed amount of research for a certain period in exchange for funding.
  • Analyzing anomalies with an RC Explorer may grant research points or make new technologies available for research.

Fields Edit

There are several fields to perform research within, each with their own semi-randomized content. Some buildings and items unlocked via research merely means the colony can provide the parts and plans for itself rather than ordering prefab building parts or items outright.

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