Power is generated from several power generation facilities and is then spread throughout the colony by cables. Excessive power can be stored in batteries for emergency situations.

Electrical power on Mars comes mostly from renewable and cheap sources such as wind power (Wind Turbine) and sunlight (Solar Panel), but also from fission (Stirling Generator) and fusion-based sources (Fusion Reactor) as the available technology advances. It is then distributed via an extensive and durable cable network.

Power Switches can be used to dynamically manage the flow of power in case of damaged cables or low power situations.

Cables Edit

Power Cables can sustain Cable Faults, either from meteors or general erosion, and will need repair every now and then by drones, provided there are any within range. Cable Faults drain power from the grid; repairing them requires metals and may take some time.

Denser power grids develop more Cable Faults.

Producers Edit

The following buildings produce power.

Name Category Amount
Fusion Reactor Power 200
Large Solar Panel Power 5
Solar Panel Power 2
Stirling Generator Power 10
Wind Turbine Power 5
Artificial Sun Wonder 1,000

Consumers Edit

The following buildings consume power.

Name Category Amount
Drone Assembler Infrastructure 10
Drone Hub Infrastructure 3
MDS Laser Infrastructure 10
Network Node Infrastructure 20
Recharge Station Infrastructure 0.20
Sensor Tower Infrastructure 2
Shuttle Hub Infrastructure 10
Subsurface Heater Infrastructure 1.6
Triboelectric Scrubber Infrastructure 1.8
Concrete Extractor Production 5
Electronics Factory Production 8
Fuel Refinery Production 5
Machine Parts Factory Production 30
Metals Extractor Production 5
Polymer Factory Production 2
Rare Metals Extractor Production 5
Fungal Farm Life Support 10
Hydroponic Farm Life Support 5
Moisture Vaporator Life Support 5
MOXIE Life Support 2
Water Extractor Life Support 5
Basic Dome Dome 15
Medium Dome Dome 30
Mega Dome Dome 50
Oval Dome Dome 40
Apartments Homes, Education, and Research 12
Living Quarters Homes, Education, and Research 1
Martian University Homes, Education, and Research 15
Nursery Homes, Education, and Research 2
Research Lab Homes, Education, and Research 5
Science Institute Homes, Education, and Research 15
Smart Complex Homes, Education, and Research 4
Smart Home Homes, Education, and Research 2
Casino Complex Dome Services 5
Diner Dome Services 2
Infirmary Dome Services 2
Security Station Dome Services 2
Spacebar Dome Services 2
Arcology Dome Spires 20
Cloning Vats Dome Spires 30
Medical Center Dome Spires 20
Sanatorium Dome Spires 20
Geoscape Dome Wonder 40
Mohole Mine Wonder 40
Omega Telescope Wonder 80
Project Morpheus Wonder 110
Space Elevator Wonder 40
The Excavator Wonder 30
Projector Lamp Decorations 0.20