Polymers can be naturally obtained from obsidian scattered on the Martian soul and, once colonists have settled, can be synthesized in Polymer Factories. Meteors can generate new sources of polymers. It is used mainly for the construction of power accumulators, Domes, and Spires. The Art Workshop consumes polymer with each visit.

Background Edit

Some of the most important and widely used materials on Earth are made from polymers. While the dependency on such materials on Mars is artificially circumvented as much as possible due to the scarcity of the molecule - unlike Earth, Mars has no fossil fuel reserves to act as a polymer source - their importance cannot be avoided altogether. Plastics, rubber, and more advanced barriers have a fundamental role to play in creating and maintaining pressure differentials between habitats and external areas.

Building material Edit

The following buildings require polymers as a building resource.

Name Category Cost
Shuttle Hub Infrastructure 15
Atomic Accumulator Power 5
Fusion Reactor Power 20
Power Accumulator Power 2
Stirling Generator Power 12
Hydroponic Farm Life Support 2
Moisture Vaporator Life Support 5
Basic Dome Dome 10
Medium Dome Dome 25
Mega Dome Dome 100
Oval Dome Dome 100
Apartments Homes, Education, and Research 10
Playground Homes, Education, and Research 8
Science Institute Homes, Education, and Research 10
Art Workshop Dome Services 2
Open Air Gym Dome Services 8
Arcology Dome Spires 10
Cloning Vats Dome Spires 20
Hanging Gardens Dome Spires 10
Medical Center Dome Spires 10
Sanatorium Dome Spires 10
Water Reclamation System Dome Spires 10
Artificial Sun Wonder 300
Geoscape Dome Wonder 300
Space Elevator Wonder 150

Maintenance material Edit

The following buildings require polymers as a maintenance resource.

Name Category Cost
Atomic Accumulator Power 2
Power Accumulator Power 1
Stirling Generator Power 1
Medium Dome Dome 2
Mega Dome Dome 5
Oval Dome Dome 4
Arcology Dome Spires 4
Cloning Vats Dome Spires 3
Medical Center Dome Spires 3
Sanatorium Dome Spires 2
Artificial Sun Wonder 3
Geoscape Dome Wonder 3