One of six lines of Research available through the game Physics research is mostly of use in resource gathering and maintenance.

Research is largely randomized as far as position in the track is concerned although the first five positions are consistently the same in a randomized order and the final Wonders are always last.

First FiveEdit

Autonomous Sensors - Sensor Towers no longer require Power or maintenance. (Reliable sensor data is instrumental for the exploration of Mars.)

Adapted Probes - Probes are cheaper and can deep scan. ("The Universe is under no obligation to make sense to you." Neil deGrasse Tyson)

Low-G Turbines - Wind Turbine Upgrade (Polymer Blades): Power production increased by 33%. (Hands-on observation and problem solving in the low gravity enviornment of Mars have helped our engineers come up with solutions for increased Wind Turbine efficiency.)

Extractor Amplification - Extractor Upgrade (Amplifiy) - Increases production by 25% but also increases Power consumption by 10e. ("From the first day to this, sheer greed was the driving spirit of civilization." Friedrich Engels)

Subsurface Heating - New Building; Subsurface Heater (15M 5MP) - Increases the local temperature in cold areas and protects nearby buildings from Cold Waves. Consumes Water. (Mars has an average surface temperature of -55 degrees Celsius, with inclinations to fall well beneath -130.)

Section headingEdit

Stirling Generator - New Building: Stirling Generator (12P 6E) - Generates Power. While closed the Generator is protected from dust, but produces less power. (The Stirling Radioisotope Generator is a generator based on a Stirling engine powered by a large radioisotope heater unit.)

Factory Amplification - Factory Upgrade (Amplify) - Increases production by 25% but also increases Power consumption by 20e. (Scaling power production to meet the needs of manufacturing is a challenge on Mars.)

Atomic Accumulator - New Building: Atomic Accumulator (5C 5P) - Stores electrical Power. Has huge capacity but charges slowly. ("History will remember the twentieth century for two technological developments, atomic energy and space flight." Neil Armstrong)

Dust Repulsion - Solar Panels are gradually cleaned from dust when closed, resulting in less frequent maintenence. (Solar Panels are inherently vulnerable to dust, more so than any other equipment used on Mars. Thus automatic dust repulsion systems are put in place to spread out maintenance periods.)

Deep Scanning - Sectors can now be scanned again for deep deposits. Exploiting these deposits requires additional technologies. (We've barely scratched the surface of what we can learn about the Martian environment.)

Deep Water Extraction - Can exploit deep Water deposits. (Water reserves the size of Lake Superior are predicted to be present deep beneath the surface of Mars.)

Meteor Defense System - New Building: MDS Laser (15M 5E) - Destroys falling meteors in its range. (The low density of the Martian atmosphes makes meteors especially dangerous, this is why installing a reliable defense system against meteors is critical for our Colony's long term survival.)

Nuclear Fusion - New Building - Fusion Reactor (40C 20P 20E 8H) - Generates Power. Out-Dome building which requires Workers to operate. ("I would like nuclear fusion to become a practical power source. It would provide an inexhaustible supply of energy, without pollution or global warming." Stephen Hawking)

Research Amplification - Research Labs, Science Institutes and the Network Node Upgrade (Amplify) - Increases production by 25% but also increases Power consumption. (The speed of the calculations and research efficiency grows with the amount of power invested.)

Deep Metal Extraction - Can exploit deep Metal and Rare Metal deposits. (Digging deep can be dangerous but it is necessary for sustained metal production.)

Triboelectric Scrubbing - New Building: Triboelectric Scrubber (15M 5E) - Emits pulses which reduce the Dust accumulated on buildings in its range. (While the triboelectric effect is not very predictable or precise, it can be entrusted with removing dust from our structures.)

Final WondersEdit

Micro Fusion - Wonder: Artificial Sun (200C 300M 300P) - Produces colossal amounts of Power. It provides light for nearby Solar Panels during the dark hours and heats the surrounding area. Consumes vast amounts of Water on startup. (Unlocking the secrets of the stars is now within the grasp of humanity.)

Interplanetary Astronomy - Wonder: Omega Telescope (400C 300M 300E) - Gives access to new Breakthrough Technologies and boosts overall research. (A milestone in human history has been achieved - feeling comfortable enough living on an alien world, so much so that some people are already turning their curiosity towards the endless expanse of space once more.)