Machine Parts

Machine Parts are manufactured in Machine Parts Factories from metal and are mainly used in both the construction and maintaining of the sophisticated resource extractors on Mars.

Background Edit

Back on Earth, humans are dependent on machines to sustain their advanced way of life; to power industries and make possible their vast transportation systems. On Mars, machines are also tasked with making life possible to begin with, on top of potentially maintaining all of their previous obligations.

Smart design processes and accepted standards have made possible the stockpiling of Machine Parts that could be used in an array of instruments upon demand. Machine Parts could be delivered from Earth to meet the needs of any fledgling colony. But a hefty and reliable supply, one obtained only by having them manufactured on site, is the foundation to bringing the Earthly way of life to the Martian city.

Building material Edit

The following buildings require machine parts as a building resource.

Name Category Cost
Subsurface Heater Infrastructure 5
Tunnel Infrastructure 30
Wind Turbine Power 1
Concrete Extractor Production 2
Fuel Refinery Production 5
Metals Extractor Production 5
Polymer Factory Production 5
Rare Metals Extractor Production 5
Water Extractor Life Support 2
Water Reclamation System Dome Spires 5
Mohole Mine Wonder 300
Space Elevator Wonder 150
The Excavator Wonder 200

Maintenance material Edit

The following buildings require machine parts as a maintenance resource.

Name Category Cost
Wind Turbine Power 0.50
Concrete Extractor Production 1
Fuel Refinery Production 1
Metals Extractor Production 2
Polymer Factory Production 2
Rare Metals Extractor Production 2
Fungal Farm Life Support 1
Water Extractor Life Support 1
Water Reclamation System Dome Spires 3
Mohole Mine Wonder 3
Space Elevator Wonder 3
The Excavator Wonder 3