Colonists need Life Support resources in order to survive in the short term. These are water, oxygen, and food. Without access to any of these, a Dome will die out, with a shortage of oxygen being the deadliest.

Oxygen and Water Edit


Both oxygen and water are supplied to Domes via a pipe network which must be connected to oxygen and water production buildings to ensure the possibility of using Water and Oxygen Tanks to manage temporary shortages. Pipes are built by drones and deteriorate over time, resulting in Pipe Leaks which drain water and oxygen from the system. Drones repair Pipe Leaks at the cost of metal.

Power Edit


If a Dome is left without power, it won't provide heating to colonists and they may die due to exposure to the intense cold of Mars.

Food Edit


Food, which can initially be brought to Earth via rockets, can be grown later on using Farms, Hydroponic Farms, and Fungal Farms. In contrast to water and oxygen, food is not a grid resource and needs to be transported using drones.

Buildings Edit

The following buildings are related directly to the production of Life Support.