Food is grown on Farms and Hydroponic Farms, which are placed inside Domes, and also Fungal Farms which are placed outside of Domes.

Farms and Hydroponic Farms can grow different crops with different cycle patterns. Furthermore, some crops, like algae, also generate oxygen from the Dome they are grown in.

Background Edit

Making the Martian soil fit for farming, even with the protection of Domes, takes heavy alterations. First, toxin removers are applied to rid the Martian regolith of toxic substances like perchlorates. Then, the use of chemical decompressors to break down common Martian compounds and make nutrients out of them is employed. Finally, specifically designed bacteria is introduced to further modify all nutrients made into a more plant-use friendly form. Growing food on Mars greatly decreases costs and dependency on the Earth.

Consumers Edit

The following buildings consume food.

Name Category Cost
Diner Dome Services 1
Grocer Dome Services 1