Drones are the backbone of the Martian colony's workforce. They are tasked with distributing resources, gathering resources from surface deposits, building and maintaining structures, and repairing structures and vehicles.

Although mostly autonomous, drones operate within the service range of whatever control hub they are assigned to, such as Drone Hubs, Rockets, or RC Rovers. Drones can run on batteries and need to charge up frequently. They may only do so at RC Rover and Recharge Stations which, in turn, can be built individually or are found attached to Drone Hubs.

Maintenance Edit

Drones are susceptible to dust, which may result in a breakdown. Charging stations clean drones during the charging process.

Background Edit

All the heavy lifting and most of the field tasks are left to drones. Drones are powerful, semi-autonomous utility vehicles which are equipped with state-of-the-art instruments, fit for a wide range of manual labor.

Built to be resilient against most of what the Martian environment can throw at them, the arch-enemy of man-made technology on Mars, dust, will eventually incapacitate drones if not cleaned regularly.