Cold Wave hits

A Cold Wave is one of several disasters that can befall a colony in Surviving Mars. Cold Waves freeze everything in their path, turning the Red Planet white from extreme frost.

Water storage freezes, power consumption skyrockets, and logistics break down one building after the other. If a building stops working during a Cold Wave it will freeze solid, meaning that it can be repaired only when heated or after the cold wave is over. This has the potential to affect crops, Colonists, production of fuel, and the extraction of metal. Let it go far enough, and Oxygen-producing Moxies might shut down.

Counters Edit

  • Placing Subsurface Heaters close to the most important buildings and the hungriest clusters of power consumers. That will heat up the area around the machine, letting the primary power supply continue working at normal capacity. Be wary though - the Subsurface Heater needs a lot of water to function. The Subsurface Heater also has to be researched first and is not readily available at the start of the game, so players will have to survive at least the first few Cold Waves without it.
  • Prioritizing critical buildings is the best course of action. Be ready to shut down facilities that are non-vital to conserve power or water. As mentioned before, though, any building that stops working for a while during a Cold Wave will freeze, thus becoming unavailable until the end of the disaster.

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