The Martian Colony is made up of a variety of buildings which provide power, life support, comfort, protection from the weather, information, resources, and more. Buildings are built using Martian resources while some can be brought from Earth as prefab buildings. All buildings, however, require a resource upkeep for maintenance.

A construction site must be within the service area of drones, relative to their control hubs, in order to receive the resources needed and then erected. Some buildings require power to operate, while others are staffed by colonists living nearby.

The performance of any building indicates how effectively the building is performing its primary function. It depends on many factors, such as researched technologies, upgrades, and the current individual performance of the colonists working within it. Qualified specialists and worker with high morale will increase the performance of a building, while empty work slots, renegades, and workers with low morale or other issues will be detrimental.

Buildings can be set to operate in three work shifts: first, second, and night. Turning off some work shifts will conserve power and workforce.

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All buildings deteriorate over time. When a building's maintenance bar is filled, a drone is dispatched to bring the required maintenance resources and service the building. If the resource is not supplied within a Sol, the building will stop operating until the maintenance resource is delivered and the building serviced.

Martian dust and disasters contribute to the deterioration of buildings outside the Dome. Extractors, Martian dust geysers, and rocket landings and launches spread dust in the area around them.

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Though not all those below are buildings, they are all within the build menu, therefore are included.

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