One of six lines of Research available through the game Biotech research is mostly of use in Life support and Comfort.

Research is largely randomized as far as position in the track is concerned although the first five positions are consistently the same in a randomized order and the final Wonder is always last.

First fiveEdit

Magnetic Filtering - MOXIE Upgrade (Magnetic Filtering) - Oxygen production increased by 50%. (Magnetic filters block ferromagnetic metal contaminants as well as weakly magnetic particles from the Martian atmosphere when inhaled by our MOXIEs, greatly increasing their efficiencies.)

Low-G Fungi - New Building: Fungal Farm (10C 15M 5P 6H) - An out-Dome building that produces Food. ("All fungi are edible. Some fungi are only edible once." Terry Pratchett)

Hygroscopic Vaporators - Moisture Vaporator Upgrade (Hygroscopic Coating) - Water production increased by 50% (With it's mechanical simplicity and applicability to any point on Mars's surface, the Water-Vapor Adsorption Reactor technology can extract water directly from the Martian atmosphere)

Soil Adaptation - New Building: Farm (8C 6H) - Produces Food. Large in-Dome building which is more work-efficient and requires no Power. ("They say once you grow crops somewhere you've officially colonized it." Andy Weir - The Martian)

Water Reclamation - New Spire Building: Water Reclamastion System (50C 10P 5MP? 2H) - drastically reduces the Water consumption of the Dome. (Water on Mars is abundant, yet it is mostly underground and in a frozen state - making it, while within reach, still difficult and expensive to< mine. This makes recycling necessary to ensure a steady water supply.)

Subsequent technologiesEdit

Utility Crops - Unlock new crops in Farms and Hydroponic Farms that provide Oxygen and improve soil quality. (From the salad you eat to the air you breathe, plants have a fundamental role to play for humanity well beyond Earth.)

Microgravity Medicine - New Spire Building: Medical Center (30C 30M 10P 3H) - has larger capacity and is more effective than the infirmary. ("The good physcian treats the disease, the great physician treats the patient who has the disease." William Osler)

Martianborn Adaptability - Martianborn Colonists graduate faster in Universities and Sanatoriums and have higher chance to gain Perks from Schools. (Certain restrictions that still persist on Earth derived from religion and general conservatism are absent here on Mars. As a result, we have the freedom to genetically enhance our newborns and hone their already-sharp minds to a sharp point.)

Biome Engineering - Farms increase the Comfort of all residences in the Dome. (Seeing something green against the endless reddish barrens of Mars can be quite therapeutic.)

Storage Compression - Water, Oxygen and Power storage capacity expanded by 50%. (Life support resources are essential for the survival of the Colony. Fortunately, a new method of compressiong fluids in low-gravity environments can help us increase our reserve capacity greatly.) _Wrong tree?

Dome Bioscaping - Residences in Basic Domes have improved Comfort. ("One touch of nature makes the whole world kin." William Shakespeare)

Gene Adaptian - Unlock new crops in Farms and Hydroponic Farms that provide much better Food yields. (The overall reputation of GMO grown foods has increased dramatically when the only other alternative for food is red dirt.)

Farm Automation - Farm, Hydroponic Farm & Fungal Farm Upgrade: Automation - Decreases number of workers. (Now that we have adapted crops to the Martian environment we can mechanize some procedures.)

Stem Reconstruction - Retirement age and death from old age happens later in the Colonists' lifespan. ("Live long and prosper" Vulcan Salute)

Rejuvination Treatment - Infirmary & Medical Center Upgrade (Rejuvenation Treatment) - Improves Service Comfort and provides Relaxation, allowing Colonists to visit and gain Comfort. (You haven't truly colonized a planet until you build the first Spa center on it.)

Moisture Vaporators - ___ from the atmosphere. Doesn't produce during Dust Storms. ("What I really need is a drone that understands the binary language of moisture vaporators." Unknown Martian Colonist)

Water Conservation System - Water consumption of Domes reduced by 50%. ("No water, no life. No blue, no green." Sylvia Earle)

Holographic Scanning - Medical Center Upgrade (Holographic Scanner) - Increases birth rate in the Dome. (Holographic technologies can significantly improve medical diagnostics and monitoring procedures.)

Hanging Gardens - New Spire Building: Hanging Gardens (40C 10P) - a beautiful park complex that greatly improves the Comfort of all Residences in the Dome. (One of humanity's most enduring and fanciful legends from the ancient past is made a reality on Mars.)

Moisture Farming - New Buliding: Moisture Vaporator (2M 5P) - Produces Water from the atmosphere. Doesn't produce during Dust Storms. ("What I really need is a drone that understands the binary language of moisture vaporators." Unknown Martian Colonist)

Final WonderEdit

Localized Terraforming - New Wonder: Geoscape Dome (400C 200M 300P) - A slice of Earth on Mars, this Dome has high Comfort and increases the Sanity of its inhabitants on every Sol. ("It's a fixer-upper of a planet but we could make it work". Elon Musk)